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Great "what if " extension of the story of the 10 lepers.
Fabulous ending.
Wonderful storytelling and great writing. A very realistic extention to the Biblical account. I especially enjoyed the way you ended your story. You gave the reader just enough. We know the rest of the story. Great title too!
Great. Really well told, and I loved the twist at the end.
I really enjoyed this. The first half was wonderfully descriptive. I love writers who can capture a subtlety of the scene in their work.
Wonderful tale of the leper; really brought the Biblical account to life and made it personal for the reader. I also enjoyed the tie in to the crucifixion--masterful, as usual!
if only the leper knew that the man he was looking for was found on one of those crosses...

Beautifully done! Loved reading it.
Ah - the one who went back and said, "thank you!" I always wondered about him! :-) My favorite three lines:

"I was expecting nothing but scorn and disgust.

I was hoping for a coin or a morsel of food.

I was given my life."

Awesome, powerful writing.
No question why this is in masters - Jan, this is stunning and so descriptive and a wonderful, wonderful message! This is completely tactile in its description - the detail is wonderful and so vivid!
I learnt something interesting in Bible Study with this story. If you look at the original Greek, the one who returned to thank Jesus actually received a different healing from the others.

Lepers begin to lose digits and extremities, and the 9 were healed from leprosy itself, the disease left them. But the Samaritan was not only healed from the disease, but his body was also fully restored as though he had never had the disease! When I first heard that I had to check it out, but the Greek in the Strongs and Zodhiates confirms that.

Great story telling!
Excellent!! I'm sure this will score high!
Awesome! I, too, like this part...

I was expecting nothing but scorn and disgust.

I was hoping for a coin or a morsel of food.

I was given my life.

....especially b/c of the strong verbs. Expecting, hoping...but was given. We're all there, expecting and hoping either from a worldly point of view or a supernatural one. And yet, the bold commentary is that GOD GIVES us LIFE!!

Goooooood stuff!
Very well done, I wasn't sure if he'd be the one who went back or not, till I got there :) Timeing is everything...
Iloved reading other's comments almost as much as I enjoyed reading your story. Your vision and interpretation are layered and accessible. Perfect!