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This is so precious! I never anticipated the ending! Well done! :)
Excellent! I loved this story, and I especially liked the twist at the ending! ^_^
I love stories about animals and this one takes the cake. Good Job. The twist gives it a delicious flavor. :)
This is a wonderful story. I really enjoyed it. Your ending is great.
This story is absolutely precious. It touched my heart! Great writing, I loved the ending!
One of the best twists that I've read on a short story here. Bravo!
Aha, what a surprise ending! I never would have thought this is where you were going! "I once was blind but now I see" .....through a dog's eyes....very creative indeed. :-)
Oh, this is so sweet! Great twist at the end - I had an inkling near the end, but it didn't detract from my delight when I discovered I was right! Love the title - and all the rest of it too! I'd like to think the young Jesus did things like this, wouldn't you?
A very, very touching story. A unique perspective of Jesus as a child performing a miracle. This story left me pondering the idea. From beginning to end this was beautifully written and a favorite of mine for the week.
Teri, congrats on your win! I added this to my favorites list. Loved how this ended - awesome job!
CONGRATULATIONS! I am so happy you won with this delightful story!
Wow, Teri. Wonderful writing! You gripped me from beginning to end.

I love the way you tease the reader with the age-old speculation of what Jesus may have done during his childhood. And from the viewpoint of an innocent little dog!

If God cares about one sparrow falling from a tree (or one doggie born blind), how much more does He care for those created in His image? A beautiful revelation of Father's heart through His Son. My warmest congratulations!
Excellent read Teri. Congratulations on a well-deserved win. The entire story was captivating and the ending was a welcome surprise. I ccould easily visualize our Lord already healing as a child. Thank you for the vision of God's grace.