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Hahahahaha! That's a great one! I only wish I could come up with something that good when the telemarketers call. Thanks for giving me a smile today! I think Ben has found his life's work. :-)
Ditto! I'd like to hire Ben alias "Joey" to come over and answer MY nuisance calls! Very neat entry. Loved it! And such an uplifting take on "work". Thanks so much! (PS: but what does he do with those mechanical recorded ones? - love to hear that answer.) Good job!
I laughed so hard I cried. The only thing this story lacks is a spiritual application or is there one?
Too cool, Edy. It's great to read a light, fun story and this is a great one.

So, I take it that "Joey" is NOT on the Do Not Call List, huh?

Great take on the topic for this week. Tell your son he should invest in a speaker phone and have parties. Mix those phone calls with some alcohol and he'd bring down the house.

Thanks for sharing your story.
I love it! It's great to read something lighthearted. Ben sounds like a real card - bet he's great fun to be around. :)
Hey, Edy, I really enjoyed AND related to this! Your writing style is so natural that it inspires me! We have a Russian "son" who lived with us for four years. I got so tired of the telemarketers trying to get us to buy stocks that I put our Russian son and his American counterpart, our youngest son, to work. The Russian son would get on and talk Russian until the guy was totally confused. The American son ended up asking for more information. "It's for a company in Hawaii, mom!" No more calls for him!
Oh, this was too cute for words! When do I get to meet your son? We could party!!
Beware: Delightful humor here!