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Love it, love it! And I personally would never call you crazy (I have two cats and wouldn't mind a third!). Well written, loved the play between the characters.
Written with an endearing voice, very cute.
Very cute - and I LOVE the ending! Fun narrative for sure!!
This is great! I can so relate because I too have become a "crazy dog lady." A lot of really funny stuff here: "will entire litter"; your mom and the windex (thank goodness mine don't shed); the list goes on. I hope you will publish this. Very well done.
When my cat had five babies I wanted to keep 3 of them and in the end I did. Now my family calls me the crazy cat lady so I can relate. I think my neighbors really do think I'm crazy cause I have my first morning cup of java with them outside on the patio. I personally think they are jealous. lol :)

Anyhow...I really enjoyed your story and I am looking forward to reading the next part.
This is so 'cool' according to the teenagers. It is truly a delightful read and should be in some animal magazine or other. I like it when a writer can put forward something different and entertaining at the same time. Very well done.
Sitting here kinda bored, decided to do a little commenting and read this. I find myself smiling, no longer bored. Such a refreshing piece. It is presented in such a real conversational way. I be luvin it.