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Good entry! The (fictional?) couple has a long road ahead of them, but her repentance and his forgiveness was the first step. Well done.
Our walk in life is never easy, the message here is a good example of that. A better one is how it was handled. God bless..
What a beautiful and complete picture of forgiveness! Very strong writing, great flow. Loved the present tense - it really works here. Bravo! :-)
What a wonderful story of forgiveness and love. I love that there was no dialogue here - it worked perfectly! (I hope that makes sense!) Thank you for this!
This is outstanding! I, too, thought the lack of dialog was very effective--we spend the whole story inside the woman's soul. Except for the first three lines--consider leaving them off; the story is so very powerful, and you showed us the man's character in the simple act of preparing breakfast. Awesome.
I loved how they experienced the real emotions of her confession by spending their first night apart, then used time in the Word to bring about forgiveness.

One little typo, "He kisses her on the CHECK." could really change the context of his forgiveness a little. A nice sized check could aid in the forgiveness process nicely though...:)
This was very well done. You captured the raw emotion of both characters and handled the forgiveness process beautifully.
Well done -great details, nice ending.
Forgiveness is essential to any relationship that is breaking or broken and you provided a beautiful scene of the husband after sleeping on the couch preparing breakfast for them both. Well done.