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I just knew I was seeing my friend and her family through the fabric of invisible angels.

Wow. Just wow--one of the most beautiful moments, and one of the most beautiful sentences I've ever read.
That was my favourite line, too. What a blessing to have your eyes opened to such a beautiful glimpse of heaven. Great job!
Wow! I agree with Jan! That has got to be the most beautiful sentence. All the more because it was surrounding your friend and her family. Wow! Just beautiful.
They're right. That is one of the most beautiful sentences I've ever read. The whole thing was wonderful. Thanks.
Edy, I'm breathless! To have such an experience to share is sublime, but to express it with such passion, such life in your choice of verbs and descriptions--I can hear angel harps already! Your account unfolded in a golden flow right to your perfect ending: "mine eyes have seen the glory." A masterpiece for my favorites folder!
Wow. I really enjoyed that. You really had me wondering when you wouldn't reval what took your breath away at first. I read "But that's not what took my breath away" and was very disapointed when I discovered I'd have to wait a little longer to find out. lol
Oh Edy! What a great story! I was hanging on every word. I always love your scripture references.
Simply beautiful, Edy. Takes my breath away. To witness such an event is a blessing, but to share with us is radiance itself. Thank you.

You, too, are one of my favorites. I look forward to July 6th.
"It cast no shadows. Instead, it enveloped the scene passing before my eyes as if I were viewing life at another plane, a spiritual dimension beyond beautiful. I just knew I was seeing my friend and her family through the fabric of invisible angels."

This whole section of your story was so fluid and full of a tangible, spiritual sustenance. I won't soon forget it Edy. Thanks, in my books this is a win.
Love, Val
WOW, Edy, I don't how I missed this one! Words from the Master flow through your hand! You inspire me! Much love, Rita
Oh, Edy; I'm crying and can't type; how sensationally beautiful you write. So glad I had this "challenge vacation" or I may have missed the beauty of your storytelling. So real, so vivid, so simple to understand; thank you for these blessed stories you write from life... and from your heart.