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Sounds like you may have achieved "rest" after much struggle. Congrats on the poem with a hardy "You did it!" Congrats on overcoming the delay and sharing purpose with us. Once again "You did it!" and "Totally awesome, dude!"
Great job! You set me up to need some convincing in the beginning, but your examples of good and bad walking hand in hand did the trick!
Clear, fluid style with a brilliant transition! I love the skill with which you glide from the projected "good/bad" critiques on your courageously funny poem into illustrations of God's grace in all circumstances.

My most memorable image: "Is it possible for good and bad to simply hold hands and walk together?"

Would that all of us writers labored from such a tender heart for our audience as you do. It shines!

P.S. Have you ever read the delightfully whimsical poetry of Ogden Nash? If he were alive, I think he would like your "Morning Mystery." His material might inspire you to find your unique poetry niche!