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"Did you do anything special?”
Everything we do is special, when its done out of love and kindness. Thanks for pointing out this purposful gift
Shelby's purposefulness was written throughout the lines of this piece.

My life has been blessed richly by the 'Shelby' in my life. Your piece reminded me to thank those who go thankless, while they make our lives sweeter each day and night. Bless you!
This was very sweet--and the phrase I liked most is "he buzzed her cheek through the blanket." Such a quick little glimpse into a tender moment, it just really ccaught my fancy.
A sweet story and a gentle reminder that the 'everyday' is Divine.

One note... 'unloosened'... just 'loosened' will do... :-)
Excellent example of being a Christian witness. God bless.
Excellent example of living through giving. It reminds me of a book I read once called "Try Giving Yourself Away" by David Dunn. I love how Shelby follows up on each opportunity to uplift someone else. The difference between her and the rest of us is that while we often think about saying, doing, writing something encouraging or appreciative for others we come across in life, she actually was doing it; and what a blessing her life was because she waa such a blessing to others. Great submission!