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Cool. I've never read a view in to the Garden like this. Very inventive and well written. One of my favs.
Great stuff! I was hoping someone would write on "the joy set before Him...I love the sense of spiritual battle here; it comes alive. A couple of places could have been stronger by eliminating an adverb...But all in all, beautifully done!
The framing of this article, in the fragrant garden and in the destiny of joy creates an eternal suspension of the solitary night of passion. The use of Jesus' own language added great tenderness. Wonderful writing.
WOW,WOW,WOW,WOW. Incredible job. Breathtakingly beautiful. Your creative, unique and goregous take on these verses, are perfect. Great job on this one.
Truly inspired!
"...the bleak grey path to joy..." This phrase is a sermon in itself. Glorious writing!
Magnificently recounted, I'd say . . . only I felt bad because I kept picturing Gollum from the LOTR movies in Satan's place. It didn't detract form the telling though. Unbelievable job!!
Very nicely done. An excellent read. Great job.
Excellent. I felt like I was there, watching, rooting for him to pick the right path, knowing he would, and grateful that he did. Thank you.
This is a masterpiece! There are no words for how awesome this is...praying this one makes the EC. The vivid imagery is profound. I'm still trying to catch my breath.
Yeah Helen! i thought you'd do well on this piece!
YESSSSS!! You DID IT! I'm so awed by this piece, Helen, and by the Lord's faithfulness to honor the good stewardship of your outstanding gift. You surely do belong in EC. Now you're on a roll!
What an impressive take on 'for the joy set before Him...' - this is EXCELLENT! And congratulations on placing - I'm so glad you did - this is great!
Congratulations on your Placing! You deserve it! Plus, you deserve a Star for all the Comments and critiques you do for us, your fellow writers. If it weren't for your comments, I'd have zilch sometimes - so this is twofold - Congratulations AND a Thank You.
This is just beautiful! I just found and read it last night, and I knew it was a winner. Congratulations!
Well done: gripping and thought-provoking. That final sentence hit home: "The Son of God has chosen the bleak grey path to joy." You did a wonderful job with this.

Congratulations, Helen! This is a well-deserved win for some magnificient writing. Just as Marilyn mentioned, I notice your generous comments everywhere I click at faithwriters. I want to add my thank you, for encouragement you have given to me and so many others. God bless you!
This piece is "holy ground" as well. Amazing, inspired writing! Congratulations.
Your story painted such a personal picture of Christ's agony on our behalf, Helen. It has blessed me today to read it and think about how much Our LORD and God loves us and how valuable our salvation is. May God continue to bless your writing as you honor and glorify Him. Congratulations on a beautifully-written piece.