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good twist at the end.
I agree, the twist at the end answered my question as to why a child would enjoy, and ask repeatedly for, the story of the goats. Very creative, and good dialogue.
What a creative way to get across the concept of atonement! I agree, your ending twist makes one ponder.
Wow, that is a cool twist! There are a few spots in the writing that need a little smoothing, but very good story.
Well written dialogue...very nice story about a very merciful God.
Sweet got me at the end! You have a talent for smooth dialog. Great job!
Wow! Just wow! That's not a twist at the end, that's a huge gulp-back-astonishment-moment. Awesome.
Good story, good dialouge. A very good read.
Creative, perfect telling of a awesome story!
Gave me chills when I realized who the child was.
Very very good! I enjoyed this. Kate~
Woooo! That unexpected O.Henry ending makes the entire rest of the story fall into place. I'd love to know how you got the idea, as it suggests some deep thinking behind it. Thanks!
Wow! What an amazing story. I love Biblical fiction - and you sure packed a lot into this little story. What a powerful message. There are a few little punctuation errors, but they don't detract from the story at all. Great job!
WOW! What else can be said? This was such a powerful story. Who would have expected the ending. I loved it.
I loved the easy flow between the dialog of the mother and son and back to her story. It felt very natural. :)
I know it's already been said, but I can't help it....The twist at the ending is just too great! And overall, it's a great story. ^_^
Great ending! I never saw that one coming...pretty deep analogy and that's what made me say "wow". Good job!
Oh my goodness! i can't believe I missed reading this last week. it was really good. very creative spin. The title really got me. Very well written, good dialogue and EXCELLENT ending! Great job!
Enjoyed reading this earlier challenge piece. Wonderfully written.
The accolades you received on this one are well-deserved! I, too, was caught off guard with the ending. I loved it! This was written before I joined FW. I wish I'd known back then what wonderful friends God had waiting just around the corner for me. And you're right there at the top, George, along with the others on the porch! God bless you for writing such a great story!
I love this story! So well written, so creative, so tender, so uplifting, so "got me in the end."
I wondered why Mamma spoke of deep things to a child for a bedtime story.
I thot it was gearing towards her attitude of the husband, so that really threw me off your ending!
Just amazing, George!
George, you've done it again. Really great job, very in depth.