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Good piece, inspiring read. THanks
Really well done! Your narrator has a very engaging voice. Be careful with apostrophe faults. This one really drew me in, I could visualize every paragraph.
I like this picture of a church shining bravely in the center of a city--fulfilling her purpose without ceremony.

Be careful of overusing cliche expressions like:

practice what they preach "They're putting their money where their mouth is, putting their faith where their heart is,shining example,a pillar of Hope,and Touch of Class."

You showed all of this very well in your entry the unnecessary repetition of expressions detracted from the rest. Except for this small thing, I think this is s very good entry.
Very picturesque! I could just 'see' everything as you so well described it. That church is demonstrating what Christ is to the world. A haven, a place of rest from the chaos. Peace and acceptance. Your writing allows your reader to enter the setting and 'see' the church, the people, even the trash. Very good job!
You have a very delightful writing style. You have created a very realistic narrator. Well done!