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I see a graphic story of death, but lame on the topic of fulfillment. A WELL WRITTEN story, however, if one enjoys the darker side of life.
Very good job with Marsha's inner monologue and what it must feel like to be in that in-between state.
I think this is fine for fulfillment and I enjoyed the read very much
This reads like a case "AGAINST" the decision to medically end life! Well done! (with a few questionable mistakes! ;) )

Makes one wonder if this has ever happened to anyone, and if it has, hopefully they DID take that first step in heaven.

Sobering thoughts.
Great job writing the inner dialogue - you created a vivid and very believable character. I was hooked all the way to the end. I liked it very much!
Disturbing but challenging...and all too real. You've done a good job in bringing the reader into these very intense moment(s) without artificiality.

Heaven must be pure fulfillment. :-)
Sounds like a ruptured cerebral aneurysm. How precious life is at every moment. This wonderful story lends credence to God's warning to always be ready for Him for He will be ready for us!
Chilling reminder of the fact that any moment could be our last! And yes, won't being in Heaven with Jesus and God our Father (Holy Spirit too) be just the ULTIMATE FULFILLMENT!