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Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us! I liked your story, a lot. But I did get a little confused with your going from Hawaii to home like you did. Maybe have her looking back at their honeymoon at the start past tense. The present is now and then five years from now...
Great story, thanks!
I think you have a great title and could see you standing on stage at a marriage retreat inspiring couples with your story. With a little editing and more specific description, it could be a real gem! I enjoyed it!
Lovely! Consider starting with a slightly modified 3rd paragraph; the introductory material in the first 2 paragraphs goes a bit long. The central illustration--your chipped mug--is right on target, and well-written.
I like the changes you made. Good job and good reminder for all of us...drink from the other side. ;-)
You painted some lovely pictures in this article. Very neatly wrapped up at the end with the return mention of the diamond bracelet and mug. Great way to make the point: comparing marriages of many years to a chipped coffee mug. I especially liked the third paragraph from the end. Even if you would have kept only one chip from the mug, you would have been reminded of how special your husband is to you. Good job and great message!
Very timely reminder and well written. Congratulations.
Thanks for sharing this enchanting story with your fellow wordsmiths. Charming!
Nicely drawn parallels between cup and marriage. My mind can streak off down a bunny trail in a nano-second so it's no surprise how concerned I became for the poor girl who must have lost the bracelet. (or did he "plant" it in the dirt?)At any rate, I enjoyed the story and the lesson. :0) Good job.
Very nice. I love your analogy of the "other side of the mug." Good job.
Nice ending: "Then we need to drink from the other side of the mug." That chipped side just cuts your lip every time, heh?? LOL
Wow, this writing is exceptional! Great story too.
What a timely word on marriage. I need to try drinking from the other side of the mug. Well put together story. You think I'll find a diamond tennis bracelet if I go to Maui? Or, maybe my husband can go and find one before Mother's Day!
The part where you stated that we can never find true fulfillment in our relationship as long as failure is an option, really struck me. If only we all thought that way. Great story.
Many great points - and so poignant for today. This could almost be used as a devotional. Good stuff!
I've got a mug just like that! I bought it on a weekend away with a good friend and think of our friendship each time I use it ... but it is chipped now too.

This is a great ananolgy. Did you really do all that for your wedding / honeymoon? It sounds just WONDERFUL!
This was terrific, Deb! Touching, humorous and, best of all, full of heart. You nailed the heart of marriage--very nicely done!