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I almost did not read this article bcos of its title, but i'm glad i did. Is this a true life story? If so, I sympathise with both Anna and the deranged boy.
Oh, and did I say it was a well written story, easy to follow and relaying the events coherently
Such a well-told story does need a title that will grab the reader. In your own words, how about: Through Balcony Doors. This has a more intriguing sound, I think, and it's also a more subtle way to say "enter." Great writing!
This was shocking. Good job there!
What a terrible story. I felt sick reading it, but it was very well written. The writing really communicated that it was a true story (is it.) good job.
Difficult topic to address. You handled it well. We're left to feel for both the victim and the criminal. Good!
I love your "where was God?" paragraphs. It's so hard to see God in some circumstances, and you showed us His precious hand at work.
Bad things happen to good people. Good people struggle to rationalize. . .then God intervenes. Loved it, loved it, loved it. Captivating story!
Great presentation of a shocking story. Wonderful to see the redemptive power of God working out in the lives of both victim and the boy. My only suggestion: you can up the tension in the 'action scene' by keeping sentences short. Yeggy
How awful ... and yet there are a few strong rays of light ... the father's response to the father of the attacker; the fact that she hadn't put on pyjamas ... but oh....... You've told the story very vividly, and highlighted those rays of light beautifully too. Well done.
What you've covered in 750 words or less is remarkable! A very charged and pointed story of great distress and even greater grace! So skillfully written! I'm such a fan of your writing, Linda!!
Oops, that was supposed to be Lynda with a 'y'! Too used to my own Linda with an 'i'! Haha!
Very vivid, well written story.
What an amazing story of survival. And you told it so very well! Kate~