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This was a neat job. I especially liked the bit about the savior saying there are several other actors like me. A unique take on the topic.
Wow - this is terribly clever and creative. What a beautiful and expressive way to tell the most important story of the ages. Congratulations.
One of my favorites--not just this week, but since I've been here. Very creative, and moving as well. *standing ovation*
Loved this! The analogies are fantastic.
I found this just a tad hard to follow, but it was worth the effort. Well done! Very creative.
Very creative. This is neat! My only trouble with it is that the reader has to get about 4 or 5 para's in before the piece really picks up. That said... the message is great and very well written.
Jan stole my line! *Standing ovation! clap, clap* Wow David! What-a-read! Very much worth it!
Oh, David, what a wonderful playing out of the Drama of the Ages! So beautifully and compellingly creative!!
Just magnificent!
This is great! A well-deserved win.
I was right there in the theater (probably playing in the pits ;) ) This was awesome!
Bravo! This was a delight to read. :) Great message, unique presentation.
Excellent! I felt such an anointing on the next to the last paragraph. Favorite line;
"You played your part, well done, good and faithful, Ill be joining you soon by and by.
Loved it! Congratulations on your win... Kate~
Thanks Kathleen, and everyone who's left comments.

And yeah, I keep reading the bits after "Cut To Black" over and over and over and over again. It's like I didn't write it...

Thanks all
I read this before the winners were announced, but have been offline and could not post my response. I personally thought it was a very interesting idea, but found a few things I wanted different.

I wanted the cliche (to the nines) in quotes. I wanted to see the line "jovial AND sparkling AND festive AND gay" turned into "jovial, sparkling, festive and gay." I had two lines in the piece I would have loved to seen rephrased. I found "audience erupts to my intro in song" to be awkward and had to reread it thrice. I did not like the phrase "sight of their blood orgy" - but have to admit that one was probably fitting.

Good thing I'm not a judge, uh? lol.

Really, the piece was interesting and original. It was a superb metaphor that hasn't been 'played to death'.

Thank you.
Woo hoo, very creative entry for "enter!" All those entrants....leading up to the finale. I agree, the ending is pretty darn gripping. Good job!!!
David. Should have known you'd win an entry one of these days.
You have a style I could only dream to imitate.
Congrats, but it was well deserved.
Inspired piece.