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Now this was exceptionally clever, and I learnt something while reading it - the most popular colour of brellas, and the meaning of a specific arrangement.

This was well written too - well done.
This was really fun to read - who wouldn't like a little romantic mystery in their life? I'm glad she took a chance! :)
I loved your story, it not only made me laugh but it made me look up the word thesaurus but it wasn't in my thesaurus. I guess there are no other words for thesaurus. I learned something new today. Thanks! and keep up the great work. I'll keep looking for your entries.
Fun! and it gave me some ideas for a certain person I know...oops...well, that would be my wife, of course.
She loves silly surprises.
thanks for the good story and the ideas!

This entry had my heart! Oh I love a good romance, and THIS, my dear, was a good romance! Well done!
What an interesting job - and what a creative Challenge! Very nicely done...and interesting, to boot!
Awww! I loved it! Very creative! You have an amazing talent at weaving an incredible story together. :-)
Go Jan! Go Jan! Woo hoo. This is a winner! By the way, in the 1930's my grandma was a single telephone operator whose first husband had run off. My grandfather was a single guy living across the water in Long Island. Apparently he "liked her voice," asked for a date and the romance bloomed.
I loved this! Wonderful job with a fun, lighthearted story that put a smile on my face throughout. Loved all the details and the questions.

Hard to believe it was only 750 words (or less), I'd love to read more like this!
Perfectly delightful!! Loved it!!
Ahhh Jan! Such a believable romance! It leaves you with a sigh. Great ending. Is there a part two? Or is part of the romance to 'assume?' No lame stuff here!
How sweet! I was right there in that lobby with her, looking at all the people and trying to figure out who he was. I can't wait to read the rest of the story! Bravo.
Absolutely loved it!
I just love the story line! Romance and fun always make a great mix. Wonderful job!
This is wonderful! I could almost see Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan between the lines. I enjoyed it very much.
Wow - the run continues! Maybe we do need a Level 4.
Looks like you might make it your 5 week in the EC. You have so much talent! Awesome story Jan. (ever think of expanding it for the rest of us to read waht happens?)
Very nicely done and highly polished! It's no wonder she gets hurt in relationships since she falls in love after only two sentences with a complete stranger over the phone! lol! So, in my mind just the tiniest flaw in the premise. None of that changes the great impact and heart tugging of the story. The reader roots for the lady and she wins in the end. Great job!
Bravo! What a fun read. I needed a light-hearted story today. I liked your message too. There are lots of walls around broken hearts that need to come down. Great work, Jan!
Just gorgeous! Wow.
Well, even though this was SUCH a GIRL story, it was very cute! ;-) lol And I learned something new as well--that there is a "flower language!"
What a great story!

Oh...if it doesn't work out between her and Ben, feel free to give him my phone number. I'm close to the library and can look up anything unfound via the net.

Viva Romance and good writing!
Oh, I just loved this!...sigh
Pleeeeze, pleeeeze continue it. I just have to know what happened next! Favorite line-
" I swallowed the laugh and sent reinforcements to the troops protecting my emotions"
Wonderful story!!
Ok I just had to see what the title was all about. What a neat story! well done!!!
Very good. Well written. I really enjoyed this.
This is wonderful, Jan! I didn't get a chance to read much last week, but I'm certainly glad I had opportunity to read this now. It's light, tight, and a wonderfully pleasing read. Congratulations!
Well Jan, I found out who the awesome author is to this story. I've added you to my favorite author list and can't wait to read more of your wonderfully, delightful work.
Congratulations on your should've been #1 if you ask me.
Aww...that's a sweet ending. :) I liked that story a lot!
Very entertaining story. Well written with peaked interest all the way through. Nice ending too.
Fun, clever, different, creative, well-done! You're a master when it comes to making a story personal, Jan!!!

And all those questions...whew...made my head spin.

Loved your ending - what a punch. :-)
I just wanted to say that this story is so sweet and being the sentimental romantic that I am...I loved it!! I hope you write more like it!