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Well, it's no secret that I'm a cat lover, so this poem really spoke to me--but I'm also a lover of GREAT poetry--and this is IT, my friend!
Such a wonderful poem - of course I am the proud owner of (or is it owned by?) three cats and I have been part of their ploy to get their way, so I can totally relate to this.

Not only funny, but your poem was well structured.
Oh, what a sheer delight!! This poem stole MY heart!!!
This was great, and I feel your pain. I, too, am held captives by scalawags of the feline variaty; and it's true, despite all their mischiefs, cats can - one and all - steal their human's hearts.

God bless,

Ha! The best entry I've read yet! Too bad we don't have a poetry challenge. This poem would get all the honors. Hope the judges like it as much as I did.

I loved this poem. Very well done!
I don't even like cats, but I loved your poem anyway. It was really cute in content and clever in form. Great job!
Come and see my furniture! I only have two and they aren't kittens anymore, but I can relate. Wonderful picture, wonderful poem.
My life, THE kitty lover, loved this too!
Precious. Darling. So cute!
I loved it...a master of the rhyme you are! And for this you deserve a silver star!
Very, very nice!
Flawless in content and expression! The agony and joy of small kittens captured in words, didn't think it possible. Loved the keyboard bit. The little conspirators. Hee hee. Such a joy to read and to share. Bravo! Take a bow! Author! Author!
I too, must add nothing but praise. I absolutely LOVED the bit about the keyboard as I'm always shooing some silly kitten off mine while I'm trying to use it. The content was true, fun and well presented.

Your form supported your content wonderfully. I think it was done perfectly.

Good job and thank you for the warm laugh.
Once again flawless and fantastic. A joy - always! (even if it IS about cats)
Very sweet and endearing!
How fun! You captured their antics perfectly! Great poem!
Most everyone knows I am a total dog person, but even I loved your poem. Great rhythm. Very well written.
Very good job! I really enjoyed this. Thanks for submitting - it was fun!
I just had to drop you another line to tell you, I printed out your poem for my husband and he LOVED it! He giggled through it so hard that he had trouble reading the last few paragraphs. Then he had to chase our cats down and hug each of them. He sends his compliments to you.

Thank you very much.
I love this poem! I am honestly thinking about framing it and hanging it on my wall!! Great job!
I liked it!! it was very good.
I sit here with one of my own kitties on my lap as I type this. I smile and shake my head every time I read your poem. Your words depict life with my two boys to a tee when they were younger, and even now at times when they for get they're over 14 years old.
LOL - too funny -love the kittens on the keys line.
Gotta tell ya, Neither Mrs. Maxx nor I are cat people. So there was no emotional impact for me in the reading.... unless you want to add a stanza about "Three little kittens are all dead" loL! OK, I'm kidding (sorta). Without a cat lovers heart, I could only enjoy the true skill you displayed in weaving such a piece. Very strong entry and, no doubt, another poetic winner! :-)
Love the title, love the poem, love the message. It's true, they steal your heart.
Love this delightful poem! The rhythm suits the tale most beautifully. It's real poetry with rhyming and consistent rhythm. Excellent!
This is what happens when you come in late on the reading - everyone else has already said it all. But they're right: delightful, great rhythm, funny - congratulations!!!
A very cute story!
Very cute! With a little work, you might have a children's book here. Congrats on your win.
Absolutely delightful! I know it was from 6 years ago, but this made me smile and giggle and "LOL."