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Powerful picture and well-written.
An eerie truth of what is sure to come for those separate from the King. Dark, sad, well-written, but this kind of truth should never be hidden. Great job. :) Jo
This is good Benji. I wento to Israel last March and stood on a mountain overlooking that vally. Amazing to think of it all playing out like that, but it surely will! Good writing.
I loved this - dark and scary, but I'm sure very realistic. You definitely kept my interest all the way through. One glitch: "Throw him into the lake of fire where you will be tormented day and night forever. I would change it to "...where HE will be tormented..." to keep the addressee consistent. You have my vote for a placement this week! Great job!!!
I enjoyed this. There was a tad bit of theology I didn't agree with, but well done!
Never considered writing from Satan's perspective. Creative take on the topic. Good work.
I'm in awe of this--the creativity, the's the whole package. Just wow.
What you covered in 750 words is remarkable! Good job in capturing Satan's perspective! Very interesting!
Creative way of looking at the topic. There's been a lot of entries about the end of life on earth for us lowly huamns, but this is the only one I've read from Satan's perspective- and you've certainly excelled at painting that final picture.
As always, after reading one of your entries, I've come away with something to think about. Well done.
The thoughts that Satan might have thought through Good job at bringing the reader up to the judgment at the Valley of Megiddo! The only small problem I had with your piece was the verb tense shifts in a few places. The first half was in past tense, and that is fine. When you say, "Today the battle commenced." you introduce present tense. I felt it was a bit abrupt. I can see the shift was necessary for the remainder of your article, and don't know how it could be accomplished any other way (maybe by a short line separating the two, indicating some kind of change?) I really liked this phrasing: "the demons hush their unearthly keening. The blues of daylight have turned orange and red. The sky has opened up a rain of fire." Can almost see and hear it. Good job at making us think!
Very strong writing... the depth of description was great. You captured the mood well! A bit of alliteration with the word King, but aside from that small distraction I was right there with ya!
Clever! Quite a unique perspective! Held my attention all the way through. I really enjoyed. Good writing and imagination!
You packed a lot in such a short space -and did it so well :)
Very, very interesting, this viewpoint from Satan. For some reason, it didn't hold my attention. Sorry! It's probably just me.
Very well written and very powerful. I enjoyed the unique perspective.
Wow! My husband always says that Satan's biggest mistake was wanting Jesus to be crucified. When he was resurrected, the dark one realized that His fate was sealed in eternal Hell fire. Great story. The voice rings true to the character of the Deceiver.

Nice job, Ben! Unique perspective and very interesting. I like how your mind works and I like to read your writing.