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I personally have known people who were brought back from the edge by the Love of the Lord. And, like your story, it isn't always dramatic or noteworthy per say, He just whispers love into our minds. Beautiful story.
This is nicely written on a very emotional topic. You captured the struggle well and really brought the characters home with your smooth delivery. I think this has a good shot at EC. Nice!
Great job capturing the pain kids create by their taunts, as well as the hope available from the One who will never leave nor forsake. "Oh that I had wings" has been a favorite verse of mine, particularly during difficult times when it expressed exactly how I felt. In fact, I shared it with a weeping sister just yesterday. You used it well.
Ann was so very real. Well done.
This is one of those stories that you don't forget. Awesome writing, good suspense. All in all, a great job. I'm looking forward to seeing this place.
Powerful message & so nicely written!
This was very well done! Good job.
Wow. Very nice story. I felt a pang of guilt while reading this story. I remember more than once cracking a joke at another's expense as a teen. Great job.
I remember when... Excellent story. God bless, Joyce
Very nicely written. You captured her feelings well. I wondered where her family was, were they helping her to deal with the hard times. I'm so glad you saved her from jumping-I was about to get upset if she had. LOL! I like satifying endings. Good job!
Yes - the Holy Spirit bringing to memory God's Word when we need it! Wow! You had me captured in each sentence! I wanted to shake some sense into those kids. This was excellent!
Unfortunately, you captured the world of high school perfectly. Excellent, excellent writing.
Oh, my heart aches for her - especially knowing how realistic this is, even at church. You captured her emotion and pain so well. Great job!
"... youth group wasnt much different. Though the kids didnt openly ridicule her, they wouldnt include her. She felt even lonelier at church than she did at school." What a sad indictment on our churches today - but as a youth leader I know it's justified (and it's not just teens that feel left out). You''ve done a wonderful job of capturing Ann's pain and bringing her back from the edge. Powerful writing. Well done.

Been there, avoiding the lunch room and the cruel classmates. Thankfully I never got to the level of dispair of the character, it was good to see how all those verses she memorized came back to her, just as God's word does when we need it most. Well done!
What can I say that hasn't already been said. A heartwarming, yet sad story of life as a teen. Beautifully written! Loved it!
Amazing! High school wasn't that long ago for me and I do remember the cruelty of some of the kids. You brought out her emotional torment so vividly and I liked how you portrayed the small whispered voice in her heart as she nearly jumped. One of my favorites this week!
Wow, this is really grasped the realities of high-school culture and made your character's conflict come to life. Awesome!