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Great story. A little convicting, darn. Lots of laughs, too. Good job.
EXCELLENT!! I could totally relate to the frenzy of shopping in a sale and your husband's reactions. I enjoyed the way you transitioned from shopping to the whole idea of finishing and then brought in how God is the Great Finisher. You motivated me to finish some of my projects, and with a smile, too, from your fantastic portrayal of real life.
Mrs. Maxx? Honey? I didn't know you entered something in the challenge this week! lol!

Could be a chapter taken out of my life! (except for the unfinshed sheetrock ... I finally hired someone to take care of that!)

Well written and to the point. Great message! Thanks for writing it....

Oh, and is tonight meatloaf night? ;-)
Too funny! I loved this because as knitter who has tons of stash I could surely relate!
Sounds like me in Mary Maxim's - but without the husband. I don't finish well either so thanks for slap in the head, it was very well (and softly) done!
Love the reference to cookie dough! I'm glad you finished this particular entry.
Oh so brilliant! I loved the part about you shopping with husband in tow! Funny, funny stuff - and typical of men! The whole article was fantastico! Great job, great humor, and (Mrs Maxx??) can't wait to see who wrote it! Kudos, my friend, KUDOS!
ROFL!! OUCH! have you been spying on me? Well done :)
Well I'm glad you finished this article because it was funny, creative, inspiring, and just a little bit challenging. Good writing. Well done.
Your first paragraph sets this up to be an amusing look at the difference between the sexes. But you made it much more! I started nodding my head and tucking my chin in shame because I so thoroughly identified with your 'unfinished' projects. Some nice ending thoughts to encourage even one like me! Thank you!
Loved how you wove this story together and kept it light but with a powerful ending..loved that scripture usage too!
What a great way to show us that we can always depend on God! And no fair peeking in my closet! :) This was fun!
This story is so well written. Perhaps we need an additional category for the competition: Professional.
Wonderful article! This sounds like an article "Today's Christian Woman" would like....just a thought...I definitely liked it!
Congrats, Janet. What a great story. Very visual, I was right there, even visualising half finished garments hanging from their needles around your home - 'till you delegated them to under the bed! Left me smiling and thinking. Yeggy
I love your analogies! The dogs let loose at Petco. The ideas popping out of your mind like the doughnuts off the belt at Crispy Creme. LOL.

By the way, I'm wearing that teal scarf that you envisaged... my mother made it for me ... thanks for leaving her the yarn.

Congratulations on your win - it is well deserved!
My son asked me to crochet him a blanket about three years ago! You guessed it...I never finished. I think it is time I start again! Great story!
God must have dragged my mouse to your article. I'm sitting here debating whether to finish the article I'm working on or go get a cookie. Guess I have my answer. Thanks a bunch for the encouragement.
Oh, convicting, as someone already noted. Great creative humor and life lesson. Congrats on your well-deserved Editors Choice win!