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Interesting article. Good descriptions of the people in the airport. I like the man who tucked his chin into his coat like a bird!
This is wonderful. I felt as if I was right there with you. It is an awesome reminder of how God orchestrates every path.
Purrrrfect. We step out the door and who knows.... God does, now that's a relief.
A wonderful piece of writing. I particularaly enjoyed learning about Shangdi--sort of like the "unknown God" in Athens. Very entertaining.
You drew me right in with your descriptions. Enjoyed this piece.
You have the coolest stories!! thanks you so much for sharing them with us (and the insights that go along with them :)
Great writing. Your descriptions are wonderfully real. Enjoyed this line: "But it is who we are and what we do on the journey that matters." Each time you share a slice of your life, we learn something! Well done.
Even before I finish reading your article, I want to say that this is wonderfully written! Excellent 'people study'about your fellow passengers, and your observation that God orchestrates our 'chance' meetings was right on.
There were some sentences that particularly connected with me: "In Confucius day, this God was known as Shangdi, meaning Above all gods. Confucius knew about Him, but sadly did not know Him." and "But it is who we are and what we do on the journey that matters."
That same paragraph that the second quote came from didn't 'flow' for me. I didn't understand the first sentence and I'm not sure I would have included the last sentence even if the implied destination was finally Heaven.
Otherwise, this was excellent! Thanks for sharing with us an account of your flight!
It can also begin with a single click my friend! How many lives have crossed here at FW - amazing! This is good work and a joy to read! I hope you gather these 'moments along the way' into a booklet. You've got real chance with these!
Yay Suz! Congratulations and well done my friend! Reminds me of the day I took one step onto a bus that was on it's way to Sydney Zoo...

:) Karen
Wo men ai Shangdi. :)
I'm glad to hear all about your recent journeys in such poetic script.
You may not think it, but you flow with your words.
Congrats on this one.