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I assume that the writer really served in the Vietnam war (I can't imagine that this could come from one who had not been there). I hope that when you returned home, you received the honor you should have gotten. If not, God bless you dear writer. And may God heal every hurt in your heart and may your memories be invaded by the depth of his great love for you.
very poignant. war is hard to describe, but you did an excellent job.
My favorite part is the last line; call me shallow, but it made me laugh! Although I know that it is too often true to life.
Politicians start the wars while the loyal and brave military personnel sacrifices and suffers through them! God bless them for their duty to Country...I wish our Nation's leaders were peacemakers instead of warmongers...but meanwhile I pray for our men and women in Service everyday! Bless you for writing this touching poem.