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I like the picture you have drawn here, and the creative way you have illustrated this verse. It's a simple message yet poignant, and thought provoking. 'My heart: your home...'

He left home to make my heart His home.

I really enjoyed this - it's different! :)

Wow -this was really unique! I really enjoyed this :)
A different approach to the topic. I enjoyed this but was surprised that it was so short - I expected to hear the fox and bird again. Still, am pondering the message - and that's good.
Wonderful message! He left the splendor of heaven to live in our hearts! WOW! Very clever writing.
A really interesting look at the bible verse. What about one more verse which is Jesus' response to Sinner? Yeggy
Jan, I think this is beautiful. Reminds me of the verse, "When I was homeless, you invited me in." Wow, I never saw that before. Wonderul work!
I had to read this three times to fully understand and appreciate where you were going...and once I did(that's me being slow)I was awed that you took that verse and presented it the way you did. Great job!!
Cool structure...neat way to take a well-known verse from God's Word and unpack it. Thanks!
From the Title I got the gist of what this story would depict. Such a wonderful, unique way to pinpoint the subject of "home". The Prince of Peace, the Lord of Lords, and the Creator of all things...and yet he had no home while here on planet Earth! A well written and touching story of our Savior!
How wonderfully creative! I never would have thought of developing such a pearl of poetry from that verse. Absolutely beautiful!
I don't think you "went wrong" anywhere. It's a simple straight forward message. With so few words you can't get real fancy... so you delivered a nice lesson in a simple style. Good work!
Creative and unique. You packed a very powerful message in such a short piece - and that takes skill. I don't think you went wrong at all with this one. Wonderfully done!
Blessings, Lynda
I'm always impressed with good poetry ... and am suitably impressed again. Wrong? Huh?

Beautiful words!
Jan, this is terrific! I had it pegged as a winner and I'm sure it was way up in the running. Delightful and very creative!
Creative piece. Good job. Thank you for sharing this with us. Best wishes with your writing.