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Interesting take with updated language ('booze', 'scumbag', 'barbeque', etc.) on Joseph's rise to second-in-command of Egypt. But you didn't update the event throughout, perhaps to ready the reader for the ending conclusion.
I thought the conclusion was very well-stated.
Yes, escape from hellfire is ours through Jesus Christ. But He has also commissioned us to go and bring others to the same salvation like Joseph did with his family.
Joseph is a type, as was Moses, of He who was to be the ultimate Deliverer.
Good job!
I liked this approach. I'm not sure what to call it--it's very like a drama, except that some of the monologs are internal, and there is dialog as well...but whatever it is, it works for me. And your conclusion is excellent, and beautifully done.
Yes, very interesting take indeed! Being able to flit into the minds of all these characters is quite a ride! Good job!!
Wow! This is great! I so enjoyed reading this! 'Having to ... you know...' - only you Suz! :) Great format - great work - well done! :)
Great re-telling of a well-known story. Loved the way you linked it together with references to escape in each scene. And the conclusion is very well done. Good job!
Suzanne - I loved this! Very, very creative and well crafted. I loved the progression of the story in modern-day terms. Made it come alive to me again and look at this amazing piece of history in a new way. Well done!
Blessings, Lynda
Your last line was the perfect summary for this.
Great approach. At first, I was distracted by the brief little snippets, but by the end, it really worked. And I loved your conclusion, too.
Well done. Very good. I appreciated this. The quality that I've come to expect. Excellent!
Interesting approach to use "headlines" like this. Well done. Loved the ending!!
People love it and good and well, another brilliant story to add to your anthology :)

And you know I love it too.