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Yes!! I was drawn in by the meter and suspense! Well done! Like one of an Aesop's fables.
Sorry... like ONE OF Aesop's fables.
Beautifully done! I think we have a winner here. To carry the story through the shifts and changes of the characters' decisions while keeping to the meter and the rhyming pattern is a wonderful feat. On top of being a well-written piece, it also reaches deep into the hearts of all of us who too easily yearn for a seemingly "better" place in life. Bravo!!
Quite a ride with melody on the wings of good and evil! Well done! Thanks!
oh, what an absolute treat! I love this story poem...and what a sermon it preaches!
Bravo on a great and talented feat! One the reader enjoys reading again and again!
Need to add this one to favorites list!
This is just brilliant!!!! From the title which led me to click on it to the plot, the rhyme and rhythm, the message - just everything! Can't wait to found out who this talented poet is!
I agree with everyone else about how wonderful this poem is, so I'll just say one tiny thin g about quotation marks: you don't need so many of them, and your poem will look better if you edit some away. For example:

One spring day (or was it fall?),
The tree began to ponder,
"Should I remain upon this hill,
Or pull up roots and wander?

For all the good I might have done,
And deeds I might do still,
Might never happen if I stay,
Alone upon this hill."

You only need those two, to begin and end the tree's words. It'd be similar for other stanzas.

Delightful poetry!
Beautiful. Your talent really shines through in this piece: rhyme, rhythm, message, insight, everything! Well done.
When I quote my favorite poet Joyce Kilmer - "Poems are made by fools like me, but only God can make a tree"; I will now have to put a footnote ***with the exception of .."Blank Blank", (who will remain nameless until 12/19/05) AND who is definitely no fool! This poet knows whereof he or she speaks and writes!
A fantabulous work of artistry! Bravo and Kudos!
Wonderful, wonderful! What a joyous and fun read! You did an excellent job!
My favorite yet!!! Your family must be "QUITE" proud!!!
This was absolutely inspired! The quotes at the beginning of every line was a bit distracting, but that's an easy fix :) I could see this published with wonderful watercolor illustrations.
A really delightful read! Thank you so much. I can imagine this as an illustrated children's story book. Yeggy.
WOW!! Congratulations on your well-deserved win. This is masterful poetry - a definite contender for "Best of the Best". GREAT JOB!!!!!
Excellent! A well deserved win.
Didn't I say "Poems are made by fools like me, (WITH THE EXCEPTION OF "Kenn Allan") but only God can make a tree."? Congratulations!!
Excellent work, and please do send it to some publishing houses as a possible storybook.
Unbelievably imaginative and engaging. Excellent work! I agreee with everyone else that this would make a great children's book.
This was an outstanding poetic piece. The gentleness and veracity of the dove, coupled with the contrast of the raven's evil trickery made for delightful reading. I thought of the passage of scripture that teaches us that our struggle is not with flesh and blood, but with a supernatural host, good and evil. Congratulations! A job well done!
Dude - you rock! Congrats. :o)
Congratulations my precious friend in Christ Jesus! This is a most excellent piece of writing and worthy of great recognition. Remain blessed my friend and keep stirring-up the unique God given gift .
What a delight from start to finish. Excellent work. Congratulations!
A well deserved win. A very creative piece. A great title to the poem and a great read which drew me in.
I generally don't like poems but this one was awesome!
Wow! This was so beautifully crafted with quite a level of suspense. I knew it must turn out okay, but at times, I wasn't sure how it was going to resolve. The conclusion was perfect.