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Wow. That was awesome. Excellent job.
I love this piece. You have a gift for "thinking out of ery creative!
Let's try that again. My fingers hit the "enter" and I lost part of my sentence. It was supposed to say, "You have gift for thinking out of the box." Very creative!
What a creative perspective from which to write. I like the way the snakes say '... ussssss' - clever! And the change of tense at the end when the angel appears is effective. Overall, this piece really drew me in and involved me - WELL DONE!
I love your use of the trees' perspective. The message of your writing is deep and personal, yet not preachy and overbearing. Let those of us with ears to hear and eyes to see choose to apply this work to our lives. Simply awesome.
Enjoyed this one very much. The tension between good and evil was tight and real. Good job!
Perfect! I really enjoyed this. Perhaps you might consider changing the title because I knew from the beginning that it was about a tree. However, I really identified with the first paragraph so with a different title you could perhaps keep the reader guessing. Just a suggestion (and definitely not intended to be a criticism). Well done!
Excellent writing! Very intriguing and captivating! Loved it.
Nothing to say but--perfection!
Goosebumps... I have be used against her will in this way... sadly, how many women and young girls, around the world could identify with this. Highly creative approach to this Scripture- Bravo!
Very creative.
Remember to use either commas or hyphens e.g. Joash, the Abiezrite, and the gods - Baal and Asherah -
Usually only thoughts are written in italics. Write speech in normal font - you had other trees and snakes speaking in italics. It makes it too confusing otherwise.
I loved the phrase in the title! I agree with Suz on the clever use of ussss too. Great job! :) Karen
A creative picture of words showing cleansing and restoration after Satan has had his way. Beautiful!
Beautifully unique....So creative! What an unusual perspective! Great!