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I laughed out loud. Great story!
A really nice story line. It comes full circle with the bluebird's participation! I did get a little confused however with the names of Goldie and Gloria -- same person? Overall, a great story which I thoroughly enjoyed!
Yes it is supposes to be Goldie instead of Gloria throughout the story! (Beating head right now...)
Ah yes, you did bring it around full-circle, "tying" it up nicely at the end. Great job!
sounds like the blanket found a final resting place somewhere much more functional than taking up space. The ultimate in reusing.
Very cute story.

When you start a story with "She...", your reader doesn't know who you're talking about. Start with the name, Goldie, and use "She..." for a later sentence.

Lots of fun dialog here, and realistic characters. Good job!
Perfection personified! With the exception of two different ladies (Gloria and Goldie), I think the story was flawless. You held my interest throughout, (which is difficult, as I have a short attention span) and it had such a cute ending. All characters seemed realistic, and I loved it immensely. Kudos! Thanks for sharing your talent with us.
Cute and fun! Liked all the dialogue. It was great to let the characters tell their own story. :-)