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Hehehe, what a clever take.
Very cute! Ha ha ha ha!
Very imaginative. Had me smiling the whole way through. Well done.
Very clever, this one begs to be performed. I can visualize it all; you've done a great job.
Oh wow, that's just awesome! I really think that someone needs to preform it.
What we have here, folks, is a genius! Bravo! Such a creative mind AND with all the little ..."dazed at the price", and "one eybrow goes up"...things that make a story a GREAT story! I loved it! Should go over big with Christian Playwrites or Television Evangelists that like to grab their audience's attention. Very talented, my friend. Kudos!
Yep yep. I can see this all over the place! It rocks!
Great work, Sally. could see this going down really well in a church. I volunteer to act the mum in the dysfunctional family. An enjoyable, thought provoking read. Yeggy
Oh, Sally! This is great! What a treat!!
Cute, fun, creative!! Way to go!