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Excellent story about parental responsibility, morales and scruples. I really enjoyed this clever story which comes at a time when "an eighteen year old" is suing her parents for "money and college tuition" because she won't abide by their house rules!

I loved this!

God bless~
Interesting observations about teenage conflict resolution - which often boils down to evasions, minimizations, and denial! Good portrayal of dialogue in this well written entry. I enjoyed the last paragraph which summed it all up well.
This was fabulous. As the daughter of two very little ones, I found myself cheering on the parents in hopes that if I cheer now, I'll have the courage to do what they did in a few years.

My only red ink is you're missing a quote mark in the line following this one, "So Miranda in her adolescent wisdom stuck to the story."

Other than that, this was simply enjoyable, and I adored the mention of Atticus Finch. I believe it's time I re-read that classic once more.
I enjoyed this article. Your dialogue was most convincing and even the name of the parents "Levites" had a stern and biblical ring to it. This piece was well thought out and came over as a true-to-life experience.

I really am happy to see that this got recognition. It was so well written and expressed a myriad of emtions and lessons for all.

God bless~
Congratulations on ranking 5th in your level and 17th overall!