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You did a nice job with this piece. I could feel the melancholy leap from the page. The emotions were almost tangible.

I did stumble a bit after the word, Enter. I thought when you used the word, he, that you slipped from first person to third. I think you could have prevented this confusion you using the word, teacher, instead.

Once I figured it out, I went back and read it again. You really touched my heart. The ending, which is often difficult in such a limited word count, was perfect. It left me feeling warm and content. Great job.
Oh wow...this touched my heart in a powerful way. A beautiful and moving entry that will stay with me long after I've finished reading it.

Beautiful job. God bless~
I think this is an amazing piece of writing. The descriptive words all the way through and the creative use of the topic put me right there in the music room with the MC. And I was scared! This is a very well deserved placing. Congratulations!
Congratulations! God bless~
A very descriptive piece. I know very little about writing musical notes, but you've managed to pulled me into the music room & kept me there. Congrats.
Well done. Congratulations on your EC.
You are a musician too?!
Nicely written piece and congratulations on your EC placing.