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This is a very moving account. The opening descriptions reach into our minds to conger horrific visions of your setting: an excellent hook. The poignant manner of showing the love of Jesus through such self sacrifice is indeed the very essence of Christ's work here on earth through His own. Your message is powerful and writing is great. Wonderful job.
Compelling and vivid entry in its entirety. The esence of Christ and His ways are clearly reflected in this dedicated priest.

The actions are what speaks, not the "theologies" or "beliefs" of what may be called, "doctrines of men."

It is what is being done in the name of Jesus Christ that ultimately matters.

Beautiful job.

God bless~
Beautifully told and a great entry for this weeks topic
A beautiful story - it brought me to tears. Thanks for sharing an example of a life well lived. One note: agonizing is spelled with a "z."
This is a powerful story. The juxtaposition of the beautiful skies in Hawaii with Hell on Earth really drew me in. I instantly was curious and eager to keep reading. I thought it was a brilliant opening. I don't know that you needed to say anything about the Catholic theology. I think there are good and bad examples of people in every denomination of Christianity and actually of any religion. For me personally, this piece demonstrates how Jesus works in many different ways in the hearts of all kinds of people. You do such a lovely job of showing this priest and his love of God's people. It brought tears to my eyes and really showed what living in Christ is all about. You did a splendid job of writing on topic in a fresh and powerful way. (Oh and it's okay to use the UK spelling of agonising. It may look different or wrong to some, but this is a world wide website and it's a great way to bring the world together. Use the spellings you are most comfortable with because the judges are aware of the differences in some words and it won't count against you. It just adds a touch of colour to the piece: ))
Congratulations! God bless~
Beautifully written tribute and history lesson. It gave me pause and realize how superficial I am.
Thank you for this powerful tweak to my conscience.
Wow--this splendid, compelling story should stir every reader's heart as each asks themselves, "To what extent will I go to show Jesus' love to others?"
Your vivid descriptions were gripping and had me hooked from the very first sentence. Great job. Congrats on earning your spot on the EC chart.