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This one brought my tears.
Forgot to add…this one is a real winner. Congratulations!
What are you worried about? This is beautiful. Everyone needs to hear about Jesus' love in their own 'language'. Don't change a thing. You've written with such sensitivity and insight. Well done.
Amy, this was such a good look into the life of someone most people wouldn't ever really think about. You showed the difficulties of grasping concepts lost in translation by her mom. I loved how you described the friends story telling. Great job!
Beautiful, beautiful! I don't know if there are any Christian publiscation for the deaf community, but if there are, this belongs there. Bravo!
Just beautiful!!!

It reminds me of a girl at the school where I used to work. She is the only deaf member of her family and had never learned sign language, so was really isolated. (They thought it would help her integrate with the hearing community, but didn't exactly work.)

Because of this, she was seriously about eight years behind in her education ... so very sad. I honestly treated her as though she had significant learning difficulties, and once I learnt that she didn't, could see clearly that she was smart, just had huge gaps in her education.

Kate (the girl I knew) reminds me a lot of Kaylee, although from a non-Christian background. Through her Christian studies lessons, she grasped some truths, but with very major gaps ... all because she lives in a silent world. I wish I could show her this piece ... but she is another world away now.

May there be other Kates / Kaylees though who can benefit from your excellent writing.
"...Kaylee began to grasp what music was all about...

We try to make music something that it isn't. You touched the heart of music... what and why we sing and Who we sing to ... Thanks...
Very well written Amy (I almost called you Kaylee LOL) I enjoyed this!
'Then she watched as the story of Jesus played out before her eyes.' "Played out" how beautiful! Each language has something to offer in the interpretations of God's word. You did such a good job of taking us into this world of silence but also what it offers us in it's insights! Love, Pat
Wow, Amy, you're crafting 2 languages, aren't you? This is AMAZING! You have nothing to worry about, dear friend. This flows!
From one who has been with deaf people all my life, and works with them now, you did a very good job of portraying what happens, sadly, the majority of the time.
So many people don't understand the difference between English and American Sign Language, and therefore don't see the need that truly exists.
Great job. Good writing, and good point. Keep it up. :)
Beautiful! We overlook the deaf so often, not out of malice but just ignorance. The blessing of a friend makes all the difference. Good story.
Amy,this is a wonderful effort. We have already discussed (privately) some of the issues, I think with more work this should be sent to one of many organizations for the hearing impaired. blessings - dub
Another winner in my book Amy!
will send a comment .. after i stop weeping... bueatiful story.. Kiddo. Great Job.
Well done Amy! Very well done. Well crafted character with whom I could identify and feel for. Loved the way you also taught me a little bit of sign too, Yeggy
Amy, I as overwhelmed as I read A Song in the Silence. The compassion flowing through every words bespeaks the touch of Jesus. There are so many, trapped in a world where no one speaks their language. Woundedness, depression, abuse, disabilites, so many, many things isolate the very ones needing Jesus' touch. Thank you for opening all our eyes to the need to befriend, to reach out, to begin to speak the language of someone trapped in that lonely place. God bless you!
I love this story! In part I love it because of my love for ASL, but also I love it for being so well-written. You captured the feeling of being isolated in the service and the joy of connecting with others through Sign. Well done!
Absolutely beautiful story!
Loved this story! I can see you going up to a little girl and signing to her about Jesus, Amy! You have an awesome ministry!