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This one brought my tears.
"...When she went home, she shut the door of the nursery and sealed up her heart..." That's one powerful sentence, in a magnificent piece of writing.
Carefully chosen words to convey exactly what you wanted to convey and a realistic timeline..well done.
You continue to astound me with the level of work you put out. This one gave me goosebumps and brought tears to my eyes. "Alleluia"
A tough story to read, the loss of a child is heartbreaking. One thing I wasn't sure about -were the accusing looks really there? or just her guilt bothering her?
Ann, this was so believably written. I could relate to her guarding her heart against her other children because of her loss. Very touchingly written.
Wow. Skillfully written indeed, leading the reader right into the mind and heart of the main character. Thank goodness women who go through similar trauma these days are generally encouraged to hold and farewell their child, even if it is only their body. And thus to properly grieve. (A good friend was in this exact situation recently.)

Powerful writing - I love the phrase about the faint rhythm of the singing still pulsing faintly in her heart and the friend that led her through the healing process eventually.
wow..this was so good! You described her pain in such vivid words. I love your descriptions..and that she found write well:))
Powerful writing!
Wow, this was amazing! Very moving and powerful. Excellent piece of writing!
There's been some touching entries this week but this is the only one that has brought tears to my eyes. My mother never saw or held her first born son, and even though the children that followed were loved, she too guarded her heart. Thank you for sharing this incredibly powerful piece of writing.