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This was interesting and a very well writtn entry. Nicely done...loved the last line. I'm still smiling at that unforgettable line.

God bless~
I enjoyed your humor. This was an interesting take on the topic. Just wondering - what really happened to the MC? Thanks.
“I pole-vaulted a cat and hit a light pole.”

That had me laughing out loud. Perfect line, and great job of making me feel as lost as the MC. My first impression, though, was that this was a serious situation, like a soldier sprawled on a battlefield. Which is probably how the MC felt. Glad for the fun twists and turns to get him back home.
Disaster prone springs to mind. This is a real catalogue of errors. I'm glad you survived long enough to write the last line which rounded it off nicely. Enjoyed the read. Good job.
Great word pictures, like skiing on the soap in the shower. Very enjoyable read.
You had me presupposing all kinds of reasons for his injured state. Thoroughly enjoyed your well written and supurbly crafted story.
Haha! I really hope this rates high. Too funny. The similes and cliches and such would have been overdone except they were so perfect for this. Especially liked: My mind raced faster than peanut butter on a cold stove.
Congratulations on your ribbon and for ranking 12 overall!
I don't know how I missed this before but am so glad I found it now. Your delightful sense of humor had me snickering throughout. This is an awesome story.