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Very honest picture of lifes's harsh realities, and how faith itself can't put God in a hammer-lock - so he not only says "Yes," but "Yes, Sir!"
All he seeks is for us to grow in him, so that whatever we go through can become a tool for him to reach others, like the professionals who have been amazed at your frend's progress.
Great story.
You've done a terrific job of describing the struggle and the victory for your friend; it's like I was right there. I'm so glad it worked out so well for her and that she can see how god used it to draw her closer to Him, too. When I first began to read, Iwas transported to a scene in the UVa Medical Center where I worked. A neurosurgeon on our team asked me to tell a nine-year-old girl that she had a tumor on her spine and, after the surgery in two days, she might never walk again. I agreed to do it, only on the condition that she be allowed to go to the park with her mother right after I spoke with her and run as much as she wanted to run. Like your friend, the tumor was removed and benign. She made a complete recovery. I love to see how God works on behalf of His kids!
This is a strong piece with a strong message. I have one suggestion: since it was a long time before she could move her legs, and recovery was slow, I would say in your addendum that her recovery astonished her doctors, rather the her fast recovery astonished them. The word fast caught my attention because it seemed to contradict. But her complete recovery was indeed astonishing. Great piece.
This is so beautiful. You did an amazing job with allowing me to feel like I knew Dee and could see her struggle. I know the feeling when you said all we could do is pray. So often we think that's the least or last or only thing we can do. However, as Dee showed praying for someone is the MOST we can do. As humans we often have a need to feel in control, but it is only when we had our burdens to Christ that we can see the miracles he performs. You did a fine job in showing that message. Congratulations for ranking 8th in level three!