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This kept my attention all the way through. Clear picturesque showing of the encounter and conversation between the MC and God.
Beautiful word picture:) And one I think many of your readers can relate too. A very uplifting read.
This was a wonderful conversation between God and the MC. I like the shifts and changes that I see in your character throughout.

My only suggestion would be to lose some of the tag lines (like whined, persisted,etc.) at the beginning as I found them a little distracting.

I really did enjoy this piece. I think many of us can relate to it.
I loved this. Your message (God's message) wrapped around my heart. Thank you.
Wow! This is an intense piece. You had me from the very first word and I was totally immersed in your story. If I closed my eyes it feels like God is talking directly to me, and me alone. You just did a superb job of bringing the MC to life and showing her fears and angst. This piece is stunning and the ending perfect. I think we all look for that bright flower when we have those long and cold December kind of days. I can't thank you enough for writing this beautiful piece. I think your message will stay with me for quite a while and when I feel the fear and gloom coming back I can picture God talking to me. Beautiful bit of writing here.
Powerful! Nice job.

God bless~
I love pieces of dialogue between us and God, and you did a fantastic job here. The most powerful line for me? Ah, yes, God sighed. My people can be quite intolerant of the sins they themselves do not struggle against. Such truth and conviction.

Wonderful entry, concluding with the perfect analogy of how God sees us. Well done!
Step aside; let the lady take a bow. Congratulations!

Wing His Words
A brilliant depiction of divine dialogue that reveals God's intimate and infinite patience, and the lightness and depth of his understanding. You absolutely deserve first placing for this.
Congrats! God bless~
Great communication between child-honest with God and Father-patient with child.

Keep Winging His Words!
Your dialogue rang true and the struggle your MC had with God and her feelings of being judged are unfortunately all to common of a Christian condition. This is one of my favorites this week.