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Your opening paragraph drew me in with its rich detail. You portrayed Jeff's character well along with his frustration and disappointment with God.

Pastor Kelvin talks sense. I like him! Every church should have one.

Overall I think this is a wonderfully descriptive, well crafted piece of writing, that slowly unfolds the message of God's love and answer to prayer in His own perfect timing.
I really enjoyed this entry. Your opening hooked me. Great job!
My first thought was "It's Friday, Sunday's coming." Your paragraph with the promise from Psalm 46:10 lifts the soul. This well-written entry perfectly illustrates that verse. Your descriptive phrases put the reader right in your story; I could see the burned-out bus and I could feel the despair over what they considered an unkept promise. The end left me smiling.
God does work in mysterious ways, doesn't He? Your phrase "he was more a doer than a talker..." reminds me a great deal of the way I'm left to think of the convictions of the author of this well-written story.
God really does "move in mysterious ways His wonders to perform"! :) I loved your title, everything in between, and the positive, hopeful ending! Your descriptions were excellent, the bewildered emotions well-expressed, and the message of hope and trust was inspiring! Great job! :)
I truly enjoyed this lovely piece. Thank you so much!
God bless~
This is a great story. You did a wonderful job of introducing the conflict right away. Your MC's emotions were so real I could almost feel everything buzzing around inside of him. I need these words more than you could ever know right now at this time. Thank you for your obedience to God. Your words will touch more people than you could ever imagine.
Great entry, well written and interesting from the start.
Was stuck a bit on the ending...promises?
Such a great message and a great lesson. I loved not only Jeff's boss' reaction to the fire and wanted to help but the tesitmony he gave of how different Jeff has been since he got involved with God's work and God's people. That whole section just spoke to me. Excellent work here!
Congratulations, Noel. Nice to see your works being recognized - again : )
It's great to see that "highly commended" bar at the top of this. Super congrats, Noel!
Congratulations on your HC and for ranking 20 overall! Happy Dance!
CONGRATULATIONS on your "Highly Commended" ranking for this great story, Noel! WAY TO WRITE!! :)