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This is a great idea for a story. I think you approached the topic in a fun and fresh way.

Some of your sentences could use a bit of tightening as you repeat things. Take this for example: Since it was such a pleasant, sunny day, I added two wash loads of clothes on the clotheslines, and then took a nap while I waited for another load of clothes to finish washing and for the clothes to finish drying outside.
Just by rearranging it a bit you can come up with a tighter sentence like this: The sunny day begged for more clothes, so I hung them out and then put another load in. While I was waiting for them to finish I decided to take a quick nap.
I hope that helps to show what I mean.

I could relate to the MC as I think Heaven will smell like clothes fresh from the line. I also liked the way the husband caught the culprit but felt sad for the kid. It makes me wonder how our apathy can influence kids. Good job.
Some serious hangups here... Good twist at the end, though a trifle 'iron'-ic. Credible dialogue and characters.
Very amusing, yet very telling, LOL...Thanks for sharing this light-hearted entry...