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This is a great read. You've packed a lot of story into few words and ended with a clear message about God's word not returning void. Along the way it was entertaining with your subtle humour, St Anaesthesia's narrow minded members being trained up to look through a keyhole with both eyes at the same time. That was funny but also highlighted some real issues within the church. And the Neanderthal, enriching your oxygen intake with alcohol fumes. I thought it was a good mix of humour with a great message to finish with. Jobs a good 'un as they say!
You do a fantastic job of "showing and not telling" with phrases like "enriching my oxygen intake with alcohol fumes" and "that wryly exposed parents' newly-discovered lack of stamina." :) I'd never heard of the ministry you mention but loved reading this, and how it originated, as well as the "old songs" being straight Scripture quotes. Amazing! The Word of God is truly alive.
This is a powerful devotion. The mission trip on the beach sounds quite intriguing. I almost wish you had focused more on Neanderthal and played that scene out some more. He sounds like a fascinating character. You did a nice job on this piece.
This is inspirational and a fantastic reminder of the great work on God done on Beach Missions. I love your touches of humour and reality, I love the introduction of Neo...(whatever) man and his bruvver and the unstoppable power of the Word of God. This was just great to read! I was there on the beach, with your wonderful descriptions, re-living some of the beach missions I have enjoyed in the past, particularly at Llandudno! Just great - thankyou.
Isaiah 55:11 one of my favorite scriptures. I've come to rely/believe on it quite often. I like the story and the way it is told; and the way you've shown the reality of the way mission work requires people called to do its work. Not everyone could keep the faith when confronted with the starkness (not always seen as humorous) of the human condition.
I really enjoyed your story and how it highlighted God's sense of humor along with His timing and providence.
I heard a statement yesterday on the radio that I found hilarious- "Want to make God laugh-just tell him your plans."
Aren't we fortunate that our Father has a sense of humor?
I enjoyed your story which I'm pretty sure is true. Those SU Beach Missions have done great work and it's always good to hear later of adults who remember attending. Scriptures in song are certainly a great way of planting them in memories. The only part I'd have left out, though funny, was the part about 'St Anaesthesia's' - I didn't think it fitted. But I liked the 'so narrow-minded...' joke. But that aside, you did a great job.
As a recovering alcoholic of 20 years I can relate to this story. I remember praying constantly for God to release me and He did! In spite of everything Neanterthol has the spirit of Christ in Him.

This was wonderful to read, touched me on all levels, beautifully written and something I didnt want to end!