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Very well written. Good job setting the scene and believable dialogue. Interesting take on the topic.
Nicely done and nicely told. This was a well written and enjoyable read. I loved the last line.

God Bless~
I enjoyed your story - a creative and unusual way of dealing with the topic. Thanks.
Lots of suspense here. I like how you made Zeke come to life.

God bless.
Nicely written. Well done!
Congratulations on your second place finish!
HEARTY CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR LEVEL AND E.C. WINS!!!!! :) This story was pulsing with drama and emotion, and the characters were well-drawn. You set the mood well at the beginning and sustained it throughout. Way to write!! :D
I love this story. You built the conflict right away and I could feel the tension in the mother as she tried to cope with all the thoughts whirring around in her head. You also did a nice job of building the suspense. I was tempted to let my eyes skip down to the bottom to see how it ended but managed to resist that urge. The only red ink I have is I wish I had more to read.I think the characters were interesting and I could see an entire novel done with them. Congratulations on your EC! Happy Dance!!
Congrats! Nicely done.

God bless~
Congrats on your EC!
GOD Bless~
A very descriptive cameo. Congrats on your placing.
Would love to read the rest of their stories for this leaves be hungry for more!
Congratulations on your second place in advance and Editor's Choice Award! Now on to the Master's level for you! YAY!
I loved your unique take on this challenge, and as usual, I enjoyed the way you weave a great story together. Hugs!
I can't believe all that story was fit in 750 words. Masterful storytelling - I was enthralled from the opening til the beautiful end. Your EC is well deserved.
Congratulations on your well crafted tale. I had to look up Jayhawkers...I've never seen or heard that term. Curious as Zeke said to see 'white runaways'...loved it, thanks!