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This was an interesting read. I had to giggle at the silly quotes and even rolled my eyes a tad. The Bible verse you picked was the perfect choice and speaks volumes. Tiny red ink--oatmeal is one word. Though I'll admit seeing it in two words like that really emphasized for me how much better a peanut butter cup would taste. :) You made some great points and it was an enjoyable read.
I would have given the patient a second needle for his daft comment! HaHa!

I enjoyed this entry and as Shann said, you made some interesting points. (Other than needle points)

I was hoping you were going to look Deidre up and find her, but I wasn't disappointed as the rest of the story was enjoyable and brought the topic into it in a fresh way. Good job!
This held my interest from start to finish. You made a great point and added interest with the truly funny quotes. Good writing