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Just adored this story...certainly well written and oh, how it brings back memories of the days when "a well rounded young person" should know how to play some sort of musical instrument...even though playing it brought on recall of caterwauling!

LOL! I really enjoyed this piece!
This story truly had a charm to it that was very appealing. It flowed very well and was packed with simple, yet deep, wisdom we all need. The connection between your childhood story and thr scriptural point was a solid one and transitioned nicely I thought. Well done!
A well told tale that many of us can identify with. Except I "loved playing the piano." My dad used to sit alongside me and play with me.

Good job and on topic. NIcely done. God bless~
This made me chuckle. I could hear the screech of that violin. Oh my! Well written, good flow and an enjoyable read. Good job! God bless!
What a delightful entry! It covers not only the topic, but it goes beyond that. It talks about life decisions and how that one decision has literally stayed with you all your life. I not only enjoyed this story from the standpoint of the subject matter, but you made it extremely interesting to me. You were able to show the reader rather than just telling this story. I am extremely impressed by your writing!
Very well written. Delightful touch of humor, yet serious thought. Good job!
Great and enjoyable tribute to all the "What if?" questions we have. I liked this entry, and chuckled at your honesty and humor.
This is quite fascinating. I could relate because I'm tone deaf and can't tell one note from another. There is something to be said about perservance though. My oldest tried swimming for years. We joked that she worked hard to come in last place but the truth was she did work hard to come in last. Then the teams were co1ed and her favorite race was 500m (which is 20 lengths of the pool. The guys swam it around 5 minutes but M never swam lest than 7 something. There would be times when she literally would be swimming alone for 2 minutes. You'd expect people to become distracted and chat with a neighbor spectator but they didn't. The pool area would be echoing with cheers for my daughter. People saw that never quit attitude and were more impressed by her than by the fastest natural swimmer. I think that may have been the lesson your teacher was trying to teach you. Never give up and God never gives up on us.
Congrats! God Bless~
Congratulations Lisa on your wonderful entry! God bless!
Congratulations for your HC and for ranking 24 overall!