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Ahh, I'm teary-eyed. I didn't see the prison part coming and I'm usually pretty good at that. I think it was because I was so into your letter, I enjoyed each word as it came. I didn't need to rush ahead and figured out the ending. Beautifully done.
Touching and inspiring story. Good job with makes ones emotions surge for sure.

God Bless~
In my book, this has "winner" written all over it! You captured the inmate's emotions of gratitude, regret, reminiscence, and repentance all beautifully. And I liked the purposeful verb errors as well (i.e. "were" instead of "was"). Anyone who's received letters from someone in prison knows that their spellin' ain't always purty. ;)

Nicely done!
Never mind, I think I read some of the "were's" and "was's" wrong. HeHe! Oops! At any rate, this is totally awesome. :)
Having worked in a ministry for 20 years and part of what we did was a jail/prison outreach, this entry especially touched me. Good writing! God bless!
A moving story that touches the heart. The emotions of the MC comes through very well. Excellent piece!
Congratulations for ranking 9th in level three!
Congratulations on ranking 9th! This is still one of my favorites for the "encouragement" topic. :)