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Wow- powerful story. I like how Christ's love was the solidifying source of forgiveness. I was surprised the child stayed with the "father."

Nicely done, compassion, forgiveness, and faith will bring about peace every time.

God Bless~
This is an intense story and could really happen. I liked how you brought last week's topic commitment and married it so well with embarrassment.

You had several little errors. Blond means a male and blonde is for females. You also used brake instead of break and their instead of there. As a former OB nurse, I wondered if the nurses would act like something is wrong. It isn't unusual these days to have a mother who may not be with the father of the baby. However, after thinking about it, I could see the doctor and nurse acting odd especially if it was a small town and they knew the couple.

I really liked how the story was about the topic. You didn't need to mention the word embarrassment because the reader could feel it so intensely. It didn't just affect the MC but everyone in the room. I thought the ending was great and not exactly what I expected. Nice job.
Powerful story of God's foregiveness and redemption. Also a good example of how sin is the gift that keeps on giving; and innocent people often pay the price.

There were quite a few grammar mistakes, but the story was well told and touching.
The most powerful aspect of this story is its reality and its relevance. I like how you jumped right into a "not so nice and tidy" situation. The settings the church is called to walk in are hardly ever ... "nice and tidy."

I love the ending and am grateful that God can create beautiful stories out of any life, no matter how messed up it gets.

Thank you!
Perfect title for this beautiful story. I was surprised the child lived with the dad, but if that is how they could work it out…the main thing is the child was loved. Thoroughly enjoyed the read!
Moving story filled with pathos and raw reality. The title was spot on! I like how you transitioned from one
aspect of the story to the next. Your opening sentence was a great starter. I also noted errors in grammar, but will let you know via a PM.

Great story, nicely done.
"Will let you know via PM" if you'd like to send me a message.:-)
Such a moving story, one of grace and redemption! It shows the frailty of all mankind-the ability to love the Lord and still succumb to temptation. Good job! God bless!
This was a heartwarming story, and a fantastic application of the theme.
You have a double challenge here: a complex story with a range of questions and emotions; and a word limit that gives you little room to move through the range. In spite of this, you have given us a strong message.