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True commitment, indeed!
They say ('they' being the experts on the subject of writing) that to create a likeable character you have to make him/her larger than life. This likeable character would react, speak, and act in ways that we all would want to, but most often would be too afraid to commit to.

You my friend, have created a very likeable character indeed.
What a powerful article. You kept me fully engaged from beginning to end. Great job!
Such well chosen, expressive and well laid out phrases give maximum impact and vision with minimal words! You so masterfully and powerfully intertwined great pain, passion, commitment and love in this flawlessly flowing piece! Outstanding job! I thoroughly enjoyed the read!
I really enjoyed this piece. The whole way it was laid out, the perspective of teh cross from this MC ... it was simply and completely moving.

Not only worthy reading, but worth re-reading. Thanks!
I truly enjoyed this! Great writing!
You have beautifully combined simplicity with depth. Excellent feeling in this piece.
I love the way you led into this and the point you made at the end. Well done.
Beautifully written!
I feel this piece will remain with me long after I walk away. Beautiful.
This is really intense. I really liked the effect of no punctuation. It drove home the message.
Powerful, intense and well written. God bless!
Interesting way of putting across what must have been the feeling of some who loved the Lord and were unwilling to let Him die the gruesome death on the cross, yet it had to be done or all of us would not be saved. Thanks for sharing this. Good job!
Congratulations for ranking 11th in level three!