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You did a nice job covering this topic. Teens are definitely a difficult species!

I did notice a few minor punctuation errors ( your students would love that!) Mainly the quotes. I was taught if the person talking is starting a new sentence it should be capitalized and to start a new paragraph for each speaker.(but English class for me was almost 30 years ago:)

You have a great sense of humor and this was a fun read. I like how you can laugh at yourself. As a former nurse I will say that often it feels like there is more writing than patient care. Nice job.
This was engaging and an accurate account of students, especially teens. I enjoyed it, and especially how you brought it to a close. Nice job, well written. God Bless~
I enjoyed this one. Reminded me of last year, since my son was in seventh grade. All the teachers at his school said the kids were great, but they'd love 'em more if they talked less. I think seventh graders are a squirrely bunch.

I agree with Shann about one quote that should have begun with a capital: "Remember...

But, I wonder about the others, since they are generic samples of various quotes. Would they be separate paragraphs? I would really like to know for sure, because when I write, I don't split these into separate paragraphs.

But alas, I am a lot like William Hung, "I have no professional training!"
I believe Theresa is correct on two counts. First, "Remember" and "We" should both be capitalized, since they are quoted sentences. Also, I don't believe each quote needs to be a separate paragraph since this is a listing of possible quotes, not an actual conversation. But I could be wrong.
Sounds like both your students and you, did some learning and growing through your teaching there! I like the way you handled the teenagers complaints about not needing that education, with the assignment of asking their parents! What a wise way to show them how much it was needed, in a way that left little room for their arguments! The fact that you could say you came to love all of your students, instead of resenting their behavior, shows how truly blessed they were to have you for a teacher! I found this story to be very interesting, well written and just a heart-warming read! God Bless and thanks for sharing!
I like your MC's warmth, his gentle self-deprecation, and his courage in helping the students grow their world-view. And if it's your own story, thank you for your honesty in seeing God's call beyond pastoring without conveying any sense of guilt or of personal, failure. Well done.
An excellent piece and an enjoyable read. Well done!
Congratulations. God Bless~
Congratulations Tom on your well deserved HC win!
Congratulations on your win.
Congratulations on your Highly Commended placing for this honest and well written piece.