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This was so interesting. There were many interesting facts. I will admit I didn't get the pun-chline even though I read it aloud several times. When someone explains it I'll probably say duh. But even though the pun was over my head I still really enjoyed this fascinating read.
I think I got part of it--We are angels but I don't get the feed part!
Ha-Ha-Ha...I loved this...very creative and imaginative and just masterfully written the way you mix fact with your fiction!!! And I got the pun right away, in fact I was going to say I didn’t think you even needed the author’s note at the end...but MAYBE it needs to be said with a certain accent to fully grasp it for some! LOL LOL LOL I am still laughing! So original couldn’t fit the challenge phrase more! Kudos!!!
A clever and unique take on the topic. I always love a good pun :)
Funny stuff:)
This was interesting. God Bless~
An enjoyable fun read. Well done.
Fun story, but maybe you have to be Italian??? is someone going to explain the pun??? I get up the angel part, but blank after that
Fantastic. So clever! The subject matter is very interesting. I was completely lost in what I was reading. I'm glad you put the author's note or it made have gone over my head. Loved the punchline.
LOL-- ok, pun has been explained; I didn't realize "it read" was part of the pun. All set! very entertaining
I enjoyed the story but I'm not sure I understood the pun.
An interesting story, even though I'm not quite sure I understand the ending. When writing for a global audience, I think it is only right that a pun such as this should be explained within the story or as a footnote. Nevertheless, going through the plot and reading the details penned by you alone make this story uniquely different from the usual take on the topic. Well done.
Hmmm! - very interesting, entertaining,different and well written.
However, try as I will, and having read it three times yesterday and several today -from every possible angle, including upside down and standing on me head, and even getting clever husband to read it too - I just can't get my head around the punch-line!
Will some kind soul please enlighten me?

You know who you are!
Oh - the penny has just dropped! And I wasn't even thinking about it anymore! Very clever and very you!
Okay this is driving me nuts. I still don't get it and I added it read! Someone help me through my duh! moment.
Shann, it drove me bonkers too until I realised that you need to hear it said in a Sicilian accent - Where angels fear to tread - Get it now?
Only you could arrange this elaborate tale with a rich setting and danger lurking, all to build up to one glorious punch line (which is the topic, if you slur the words a bit using the accent suggested by another reader). This was indeed colorful. I can almost believe that you'd been to Chicago during this time. :)
I enjoyed Lugi the most in this story, and the ending of working in the subject, big thumbs up.