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This is a beautifully written and moving piece. The first few lines grabbed my attention and made me want to read on. The ending was very comforting and reassuring,
'Face to face with Him in all His eternal reality,'and 'Still so close yet in a deeper dimension of God's grace.' ... profound!
You portrayed Dot's character so well with the smiling eyes as she was being
taken into the ambulance. She was telling you that it was ok. She knew she was going home.
Your opening lines made me want to read on and find out what happened. Not sure how strong on-topic it was but I really enjoyed the story, which progressed nicely.
I am rejoicing for this woman's life and I don't even know her. You painted her picture very well! Wonderful story of earthly life and eternal life!

(I have a typo at the very end of my entry, too. It's humbling, eh?)
Thank you so much for sharing this.

The paragraph about communion was especially lovely and real.

Great job for a "one sitting" write.
This story has the ring of truth about it.
You write with sensitivity and love of this family who are losing their wife and mother.
I like your reflections that whilst we only have the elements, she is now in the presence of our God.
She has already met Him face to face...
This is very touching, particularly the deep moment of shared communion. The account captures both the sorrow and the hope in death. Thank you for sharing it.
A well expressed and moving piece. I was able to feel the emotions and moods within your writing. Thankfully, in times like this, knowing where we will go with Christ in us is a deep assurance that brings comfort and healing to the soul. God bless.
This is a poignant tribute to some salt-of-the-earth friends. I like how naturally you wove Jesus into the narrative, just the way it should be as we walk with Him through the valley of the shadow.
You so powerfully show, and emotionally bring us into, the heartache of facing death we have on this side of Heaven...
but you also powerfully show and remind us of the hope we have on the other side - where there is no more death or heartache, but where an eternity of joy communing with Jesus awaits us!!!

You show strong visions of both sides and I love how you reflected the differences, even in the act of communion, with symbols of Jesus love and sacrifice on this side but Jesus Himself on the other.

Great job and this emotion provoking piece!
A fitting tribute to a wonderful friend and a blessing to all who read it. Great writing.
You pulled the readers in and let us feel the grief that occurs when one prepares to leave this side of Paradise. Excellent writing.
Love the hope in this story, very well-written, thanks for sharing this!