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Wow! Spellbinding! Well written and thought provoking. Good bless!
WOW is right! Awesome futuristic tale! I love Si-Fi, I could see this as an episode on the twilight zone or something like that…though it more realistically depicts the tribulation period! Enjoyed!!
Ooh, cool! I'm working on a creation-based sci-fi series, so this was especially intriguing.

A little red ink: watch out for the 'was' word. Hard to do when you have so much story is so little space, but just thought I'd mention it.

Good job!
Awesome premise. Several of the more intense parts seemed a little less conflicted than I expected. Short sentences and strong verbs will make this story even more excellent.
An intriguing and interesting piece. I feel it would be difficult to obliterate christianity. Thinking about underground churches - China and others. Where things have been kept alive.
But I do believe there could be another purging of all that's Christian and a persecution as read in Sarah Elizabeth's piece this week.
Suspenseful story which is not too far from the truth. We are heading toward this very act in our country and the world. Our children's school books are being re-written with lies, the Bible is "outlawed" in the public schools, and more than a few "ministers" are leaving out or twisting the Gospel and other important sections of the Bible. Unless we Christians stand up and get involved, the Bible will become scarce and/or citizens will be penalized for owning, reading, and quoting it's precious words.
Cool story, fun read, well done.
Wow - intriguing! I'm not into sci-fi but this cleverly written piece kept me riveted. There were certainly some truths in there too.
Wow what a gripping story! Although I could tell where it was going I still found myself holding my breath and trying to read faster. Great job!

Congratulations for placing 13th in Advanced!