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As a Sunday School teacher, this touched my heart. Your ending is uplifting. Thank you!
I enjoyed this story. It seemed very real and I wondered how much of it was non fiction, for even if it is entirely fiction, so many parts of it could easily be a slice of our real lives.
I really enjoyed this piece. I could picture poor little Ruthie just aching to have someone hold her and love her.

This is so important to take that opportunity when one senses a child needs love. When I volunteered in the early years of grade school in my kids class, there was always at least one Ruthie who may be a bit chubby, or didn't have matching clothes, but when they would cuddle up to me their eyes did ask for food or nice clothes those eyes asked for love.

Thank you for the reminder that it is our duty to protect and love those kids who feel alone in the world because if they don't get enough 'atta girl or high- five me little man they will start looking for love in very dangerous places. Your characters felt so real I has to pray for all the lonely Ruthies out in the world no matter what there age might be.
Ruthie's story powerfully shows what love and prayer can do...for people and families! Good reminder that we should all be generous with both Love and Prayer and always be on the lookout where they are most needed!
Lovely story with so much going on. Being able to capsulize everything in just 750 words is not an easy thing to do, but you did it well. My only suggestion is that Ruthie's story is so important that it needs more showing rather than telling. Admittedly, it would take a lot of condensing to get to the marrow of the story behind her prayer, but (for me as a reader)I would have liked to have stayed in her mind and thoughts throughout the article. But that is just my opinion and I think you've done a wonderful job with this subject.